BFM is YOUR radio station to escape the lockdown blues, come and listen to some GREAT MUSIC, interact and engage with the DJs and other listeners, feel part of the BFM Radio Family and Get Invovled.



Due to some changes in licensing, BFM Radio moved to a NEW Broadcast platform on 1st March 2021

Sadly, this means that our Website Player, BFM Radio Apps, BFM Alexa integration and the Downtime Jukebox are no longer available

To continue enjoying the BFM Radio shows you know and love, simply head to the following address during any of our LIVE shows…

(The site will show ‘Stream Ended’ outside of scheduled showtimes)


Mixcloud App


From March 2021 BFM Broadcasts will be available on

Mixcloud App (iOS and Android)

About BFM

In March 2020 Bromyard based DJ Richie Palmer grew tired of watching the depressing news of events surrounding the COVID-19 Global pandemic and decided to find something else to occupy his time. In a flash of inspriration (and with his DJ equipment stored elsewhere) Bromyard FM was born! Fellow Bromyard DJ Nikki Ive joined him very shortly after and the rest is history!

Over the following days, they carved out the blueprint that we still follow to this day; to unite people of all ages and social backgrounds in one place with a mutual love of GREAT MUSIC.

Everyone involved here at BFM Radio would love to see the station continue to grow and whilst we may not have met you in person yet, we all look forward to doing so, just as soon as we are able!

Thank You for your support!

BFM Radio Team

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Richie Palmer

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Nikki Ive

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